Dream the Impossible

Dream the Impossible


Impossible is simply a word!

Everybody, eventually at some time, has imagined themselves being a special someone, an important figure. Who has not imagined themselves hitting that game-winning homer? Who hasn’t imagined themselves being the homecoming King or Queen? How many times have you dreamed about being wealthy, or impressive, or completely happy with our accomplishments?

We all have dreamed large dreams and have had great aspirations. Sadly, for many of us, our dreams remain exactly that – dreams. Our aspirations easily collect dust in our minds loft.

This really is unfortunate. Rather than simply accepting life as it currently is, shouldn’t we accept the exciting adventures that can be realized if we accept that our state is a matter of the choices we make today?

But guess what happens? We allow our day to day burdens to become our life normal. Our lives are substantially greater when we think and dream in the manner that we want things to actually be. Now. Today.

The greater hindrance to achievement is a lack of setting goals and acceptance of the term impossible! Impossible should be a 4 letter word! It’s that toxic.

Many individuals find themselves outside their life purpose because they accept that they just can’t get it done. It’s an excessive amount of – It’s too impossible. No. Accept that – You-Can-Do-that!

However, if everybody believed in the unavoidable reality of “impossible”, – then there’d be no inventions, no innovations, with no discoveries in human development.

You may be familiar with the fact that researchers have determined that their is no anatomical way that the bumblebee can fly. Theoretically, these highly regarded researchers came to the conclusion that it is just simply impossible given their weight, wingspan, speed needed to stay aloft and so on. Fortunate for the humble bumblebee, nobody has yet to inform the bee. So it flies!!

However, in the case of humans, we are burdened with a highly active mind that is both positively and negatively influenced by our imagination. We have Dreams! But we often get stuck when it comes to actually carrying those dreams out . The result? Damaged dreams, tattered aspirations and shaken confidence.

When you limit yourself with self-doubt, and self-restricting presumptions, you won’t ever manage to break past all that you deem impossible. If you cannot rely on a history of achievement, you may find yourself thinking your dreams are impossible, instead of working towards the “impossible dream”.

Do this exercise.

Have a blank sheet of paper and draw two horizontal lines across the sheet and on the top third of the paper write those things that you realize that you can achieve.
On the middle third of the paper,write the things that you could possibly do with a little effort or training.
And under the third part of the list, write the things that you believe are unthinkable to achieve by you.

Now, each day look at those things that you have listed as things that you can do towards your dream today and strive every day to complete the goals which are under the first third. Place a check mark by that item once you’ve completed that goal. Whenever you have progressed enough to check all of your goals under that first guaranteed achievable section, move on to the middle section, and begin taking action on those things. These are the things that you could possibly do with a little training and effort.

Within that second middle section, complete the same series of actions.Begin to identify, take action and complete activities in the same manner as the series you previously did in the first section. Learn the things needed to get those goals done. Get the training needed to check off these items. Make the effort that you have identified that will help you achieve these attainable goals in your life. When you have completed this section and you have checked off all of those slightly reaching goals in your life – it’s time to assess.
Take a moment to bathe in the satisfaction of achievement. Got it. Good. Lets get back to work.

Now are you ready to make dreams come true? Sure you are! Now you are ready to complete the impossible. Take fear out of the equation. Take doubt out of the equation. This is possible because you now realize that the impossible is now possible.

The simple truth is, this sort of process is designed to take limits out of your consciousness. Out of your imagination. At first this exercise seems to be a tall task. But, as you begin to take small steps towards goal attainment, you progressively gain the tools needed to achieve the impossible.

  • Confidence
  • Achievement
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Awareness

100 years ago you might have been stoned if you had suggested putting a man on the moon. Now its like a drive to the supermarket. Kind of. If you had tried to describe the internet 100 years ago, you surely would have been deemed a witch in some parts of the world. Maybe so in some parts of the world today…. But we move on…
But, through sheer desire and perseverance, these impossible dreams are actually normal actual occurrences today.
Ahhh the power of dreams.

Thomas Edison once pointed out that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Nothing could be truer. In order to achieve your dreams, there must be had work and discipline. But don’t forget that in order to be considered in that 1% – truly inspired percentile, you must dream BIG or go home as an also-ran in the race-of-life.

So dream on, success minded friends! Don’t forget, the more you achieve the more the impossible becomes possible. Don’t set limits that are at eye level. Don’t set dreams that are at arm’s reach. Tip toe to your dreams. Jump to your dreams! Leap upwards to your dreams!! The greater satisfaction and the life altering joy that comes with dream achievement, occurs when you close your eyes and imagine. Then open them and do
The Impossible Dream!!!

Adrian Cox, Contributor Yes Success Biz