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We invest in Real Estate and Small Businesses

At Yes Success Biz, we focus on helping you find solutions to your Real Estate and Business challenges. Since our inception, we have completed numerous consultations, joint ventures and acquisitions which lead to in win-win results for all parties.

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YES Success keeps it simple.
YES Success keeps it simple.

YES Success keeps it simple.

We help to surround you with the right PEOPLE.

We assess the best strategy to utilize all of the ASSETS at your disposal.

We help you to achieve your VISION of SUCCESS that results in a Win-Win.

Real Estate Wanted

If you have real estate or other assets to sell in any condition we’d love to pay your price and have a quick closing on the day of your choosing.

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YES We Consult

YES Success can help your business gain focus

On occasion, YES Success will encounter an entrepreneur whose business is in need of some expert guidance.
For those situations, YES We Consult. We meet with business owners and outline a clear path to profitability,
in order to achieve a Win-Win scenario for all parties.

YES Success Consults:
• Service Industries
• Product Driven Businesses
• Real Estate Projects


I received a Powerful Plan of Action and the Guidance I needed! Without hesitation Yes Success has assisted me every step of the way and answered all of the questions I needed answered. Mrs. Cox is an exceptional leader. Her patience has proven to be the best when it comes to assisting clients. Mrs. Cox is a Wonderful Mentor and I would recommend her to anyone in need of a Business or Personal Consultant!

Ashley Johnson, Non-Profit Business Entrepreneur

Where do I start! I have had the pleasure of working with the “Team of 1” Marv and Adrian Cox for several years. When I say that they have become FAMILY, I mean, they have become FAMILY. As a singer, I tend to talk (express myself) a lot. So, they had to do a video testimonial for me! Yes Success Biz and the Cox’s have guided me from a career changing, (Diva), recording artist, to a stubborn employee, to an independent business owner. They showed me how to “Focus” on My Vision and gave me the nudge to go out and get it! My cleaning service,, was born out of my love for cleaning and a clear path to achieve my passion, given to me from Marv and Adrian Cox. Today I’m enjoying a life that I love, in part because I was open and honest enough to learn from the YES Success Team! Terri Brown proud owner of

Terri Brown: Singer, Actress, Entrepreneur,

Big thanks to the “Team of 1” @ Yes Success Biz. Adrian and Marv were instrumental in my strategy to launch my online website Over the past few years they have guided me to be able to semi retire and passively live the life I always wanted to live. On my own terms. From business acquisition, development, partnering and personal goal consultation, I never felt alone in the personal and business world. As they say ” It all begins with Focus. It seems simple when you have a clear guide to get you there, but it’s obvious they’ve taken the head knocks and have lived to tell and teach those that follow. These guys remain one of the best partnerships I have ever established. Now I am living the most stress free and creative life I’ve ever lived. Thanks Marv and Adrian and the family!

Eric McNeal: Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur,

I thought I knew what I was doing. Adrian and Marv showed me just how to achieve success in a manner that works for me. My printing business was driving me crazy. I was making decent money but slowly dying of exhaustion in the process. Their clear step by step process took me from a decent job to a profitable business that was scaleable. So in a few months they had helped me staff my business with a mixture of VAs and employees that fit the culture of my company. I took my first vacation in 3 years this year. YES SUCCESS is a no brainer. Approachable, knowledgeable and fun folks. Thanks guys.

Jay Maddox

testimonial1Consultants at Yes Success Biz Made Me Take Action! I really needed a new car, but I was being really indecisive. I suddenly turned into this overly analytical person, and that’s NOT who I am. I had a meeting with Marv on a Wednesday, and I told her about how difficult the process was for me.She straight up told me that I was making this process unnecessarily hard, and I needed to MAKE A DECISION!  She helped me realize that I was wasting a lot of time, and hindering myself from moving on to the next thing. It was really eye opening, and exactly what I needed to hear. I bought a car that Friday, and I couldn’t be happier!! I’m a procrastinator by nature, and if it were not for her guidance, I would probably still be researching cars. I have taken the encouragement to just MAKE A DECISION and applied it to my daily life. I no longer spend unnecessary time going back and forth in my mind about little things. I’m so grateful she reminded me how important it is to deal with things as soon as possible, so you are able to move onto the next thing!

C.C., East Atlanta

testimonial3Yes Success Biz helped me Focus my Efforts, Brand my Offerings and Commit to My Vision! Marvlet Cox has been instrumental in supporting me in creating my Health and Wellness Business ( She has helped me determine my niche! MY message and MY media look! She is a good listener and is committed to assure that her client WINS in business and in life. She is an excellent addition to your team of support Professionals. Every coach needs a coach and every teacher needs a teacher, and Marv Cox has the insight, the patience, and the energy to make new business owners succeed! She has ran her own profitable business for years, while balancing family life and is also a pillar of her community. Her perspective regarding the life and business equation, offers unique insight and BOLD ACTION. Working with her has helped me Create the Life I Love!

Carla DeRosa, Food Medicine Educator and Health Coach,

testimonial4Marv Cox as been very instrumental in the transition of my life. She has inspired me to believe that I am worthy of good things that life has to offer and to go after it. My way of thinking, my self-esteem and the way that I look at life has changed, greatly. This brief testimonial can by no means explain the impact that this encouraging, calm, well balanced young woman has had on my life. I became more blessed that I already was when she entered my life and I thank God for crossing our paths. This Motivational Mistress has been true to her beliefs, which is to Inspire, Empower and Motivate. A new me!

Julene LaFong

The influence that Mrs. Cox has had on my mother’s life has helped in transforming her way of thinking, the way she responds to other both personally and professionally. The way my mom views herself as a person and a woman overall has changed immensely. Her style has more flare, as well as her attitude about everything and everyone that surrounds her. She now sees herself the way she wants others to see her. My mom has definitely transformed in great lengths over the course of time that they have come to know each other. It’s a wonderful metamorphosis.

Kiara Faulkner



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