YSP4: Who Are You Making Rich

YSP4: Who Are You Making Rich

Who Are You Making Rich Everyday?

Yourself? Your Neighbor? Some Stranger?

Hey, we buy crap from any and everybody. We buy from restaurants, street vendors, the ice cream man, car dealers, clothing stores — that foreign food restaurant that may not have a great health department food rating but the food is bangin!

Rich And Poor differences

Time is money. And anytime you spend time on any endeavor, you are either making yourself money or you are enriching someone else.

Let’s look at your time.

  1. You wake up and consume breakfast from 4 or 5 different food manufacturers.
    • Kelloggs
    • Jimmy Dean
    • Tropicana Orange Juice
    • Borden’s Milk
    • Aunt Jemima Pancakes
    • IHOP – Burger King – McDonalds – Waffle House…
  2. Then you put on clothing from a number of clothing manufacturers made by a clothier who:
    • 97% of the clothes and 98% of the shoes are made outside of the USA
    • In the 1960s, 95% of the apparel that we wore was Made in the USA
  3. We drive to work in a car that was marketed to us and our perception of the perceived value is shaped by advertising and celebrity driven promotional campaigns.
    • Tiger Woods (Buick), Charles Barkley, Blake Griffin (Kia Optima), Ricardo Montalban(Chrysler Cordova -w Corinthian Leather), Jlo (Fiat)…
  4. Then we go to work in a place that studies show that 70% of workers HATE THEIR JOBS.
  5. After 8-10 hours we go home and reverse the cycle with car – home (home furnishings-, Dinner, TV and then Bed

Two things that we would like to key on today in this (Home-Work and Home-Bed) cycle.

  1. Marketing as relates to television and time wasting
  2. Self Development – Self Study – Self enrichment – Self Support

When I was employed by others I would often ask myself “If my boss walked through that door this morning after having a bad weekend and fired the entire staff or just ME, what would I do tomorrow”. Every time I had that thought, it made me study something, listen to something on the internet telling me something, related to my intended purpose, or speak to someone who knew something different than I already knew.

  • Do you want to take care of those you love?
  • If you own a company you need to make at least $1m a year to even have a chance.
  • 75% of all small businesses make less than $250k, not enough to attract great talent much less promote their company and stay on the cutting edge.

It’s the Holiday season!

Let’s challenge ourselves to do 5 things today to enrich ourselves and our families.
Find 3 businesses in your community or circle of friends to shop or spend with. Some of our are:

Adrian Father’s Circle – Pharmacist community – Dentist Frat Brother – Restaurant Ownerocers – Supported each other.

So, let’s make 2016 a financially Successful one.

  • Stop making the wealth of others more important than your own person wealth and success.
  • Commit to those who will make a commitment to you.
  • Be conscious of what is coming in and going out and aspire to make more, spend less and goal plan for long term success
  • Change unhealthy Circles.
  • Make a commitment to get your financial house in order.


***It is often said that “If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room”!***

Today’s Podcast Exercise

  1. YSB-podcast3Learn a new skill that could give you income in the next 3 months. No matter how small, just any amount of income.
  2. Sit down and speak with the most successful family member in your family for a 30 minute discussion regarding wealth creation
  3. Challenge yourself to assess the 5 closest people in your life
  4. Create a financial goal plan. Get help by joining a Master-Mind group that is committed to wealth creation, income generation or Budgeting goals.
    • Pay off that debt
    • Create an emergency savings plan
    • Save for college, for yourself or for your children
    • Save for retirement
    • Save for big expenses like a new car, a house, or a vacation

Resources Mentioned

Motivation Money and Matrimony – Our fun and informative book, sold on AMAZON, that covers all three topics.


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