YSP1: Passion + Purpose = Profit

YSP1: Passion + Purpose = Profit

Are you looking for a more Passion filled Life?

Do you wish to understand where does your Purpose really reside?

In today’s podcast episode, We’re going to explore how you can find your “Passion, Purpose Sweetspot“. That intersection between what you love to do and what you are capable of doing in order to make an exciting living.

Inside This Episode

As entrepreneurs we always look to do things that are ultimately fun and financially rewarding.

Without a plan as to what venture to pursue, many people spend years chasing the next hot thing, without understanding what will truly make them happy and a profit at the same time.

We break down ways to aim directly at those areas that we have the greatest chance of achieving passionate success.

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Today’s Podcast Exercise


  • Find something you would do if the money didn’t matter.
  • Find something you are good at doing.
  • Find a way to monetize your Skill/Passion






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If you’re stuck as to what your strong points are, ask a friend what do they see as your strengths and go from there.

Let’s hear from You

Are there things that you would like to hear from us in the future or is there anything that you would like to add to the benefit of future Podcasts.

Resources Mentioned

  • Fiverr– A host of jobs and tasks performed by people around the world starting at $5 per service.


Yes Success Network would like your input. We are ramping up our podcasts and are seeking to broadcast a Podcast each week. Please drop us a line if you’d like to be on one of our upcoming Podcasts